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Bharathappuzha resortBharatapuzha is fondly called Nila by Malayalees . Art culture and civilization has flourished on its banks. Monsoon makes her wild. It flows bursting its seams, carrying everything in her mad race to sea. Flooding the fields, back waters, and cause damage and destruction.

Quiet flows Nila in summer like a ravishing beauty, lay bare her sandy banks. Crystal clear water reveals her naked loveliness. She attracts and seduces on lookers and feast their senses.

Nila is at her best when sun rises and sets. Cool breeze of the early morning, chirping and song of a wide variety of birds, golden rays of rising sun and its reflection in the river, soft murmur of flowing water, morning prayers heard from mosques and temples, church bells singing praising their lord, Fresh and lush greenery on either banks of the river, Nila bathing in the glow of setting sun. Words fail to capture the audio and visual effect of the joy and celebration of mother nature.

Bharatapuzha resorts and organic farm in Kondayur near Deshamangalam invites you to witness the marvelous beauty of virgin earth. Built on the banks of Bharatapuzha; providing discerning travellers a mix of absolute luxuary and pure serenity. River view from the balcony of the resorts makes one refreshed and recharged. An ideal place to unwind; sitting in the lap of mother nature and listening the lullaby of bamboo groves and casuarinas trees. Spread across an area of 3 acres of land, our farm produces veg and fruits for own consumption. It is organically cultivated without using fertilizers and chemicals and toxic pesticides harmful to health. Mugali, Continental, Chinese, Italian and Malaysian recipes are included in our menu. Ethnic and Kerala model food too will be served.

Historic monuments, serene and unspoilt beaches, pilgrim centers, mosques, churches and temples are situated within a radius of 30 to 40 kilometers. Sreekrishna temple in Guruvayoor, St. Thomas Church in Palayoor, Malampuzha Dam, Tippu’s fort in Palakkad, Sheikh Zainudheen Maqtoom’s mosque in Ponani are some of them. A visit to these holy places provides peace of mind and calm the agitated minds.

Rayiranelloor hills, a historically important Pilgrim centre is quite near to Bharatapuzha resorts. Thousands of devotees visits Rayiranelloor hills seeking ‘Moksha’ or spiritual deliverance. Kerala Kalamandalam, a premier learning centre of ancient classic arts and dances like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam and percussion arts is also a tourist destination. Kerala Ayurveda Samajam, Kerala’s medicine and treatment centre in Shornur is frequented by tourist to undergo Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation therapy to stay fit.

When confronted with stress and strain created by the busy schedules of city life, and heavy workload of businessmen, executives, engineering professionals, medical fraternity and film personalities, Bharatapuzha Resorts and organic farm is an ideal place to offload the stress and strain. A few days enjoying the bounty of mother nature and the unadulterated ethnic and organic food keep the body and mind rejuvenated. Agricultural produces  and meat produced in our farm is free from poison. It is fresh and handpicked from our own organic farm.

List of neighborhoods

-Kerala Kalamandalam, Ayurveda samajam, Rayinelloor hills


-Palakkad-Malampuzha dam

-Vazhani-Poomala dam

-Thrissur-Peechi dam

-Athirappilly – Sholayar

-Kodungallur musuris